5 landscaping tips to increase your property value

Monday Nov 06th, 2017


Investing in landscaping can bring some of the biggest returns for homeowners, yet too often it remains overlooked or underdone. The same care and attention we apply to interior renovations should be applied to the garden. “Curb appeal plays a huge role in selling your home and adding value to it,” says Michelle Sordi, director of marketing at Husqvarna, the world's largest producer of outdoor power products. “Enhancing your outdoor space with smart landscaping solutions is a great way to invest in your home.”

Sordi shares the following landscaping tips for homeowners looking to increase their property value:

Nurture your lawn – Once the snow melts, do an assessment of your lawn and look for any dead grass or thinning patches so you can quickly treat them. Also, remove any weeds as early as possible so you can avoid breeding pests and diseases.

Landscape with a purpose – If you're planning to sell your home in the near future, tailor the landscaping plan to appeal to your target buyer. Families typically enjoy more greenery and yard space for children to play, and a small patio for entertaining. They are also likely to have less time to groom the property, so select plants that are native to the region and easy to maintain.

Be equipped with the right tools – Quality tools produce professional grade results and help you complete tasks more efficiently. A lawn mower with an adjustable cutting deck makes it easier to select the height for cutting while a lightweight trimmer that is compatible with multiple attachments minimizes the number of tools in your shed.

Pave the way – Commonly referred to as hardscaping, consider adding a stone walkway or patio section. As well, care for the shrubs and greenery that surround your home. This adds immediate curb appeal and helps buyers understand the outdoor living space available.

Consult a pro – Take a walk around your property with a realtor or landscaper for tips and additional pointers on where to make improvements. Their industry insights will ensure you are investing dollars in the right places.

More tips and information can be found online at www.husqvarna.ca.


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