Decluttering is crucial when selling your home

Monday Nov 06th, 2017


The Rainmaker Team with Royal LePage Your Community Realty Inc., Brokerage in King City, Ontario, believes that everyone is entitled to have a bit of clutter in their home now and then, what with the demands of our daily schedules and mouths to feed. However, if you can't find the television remote because of extra junk in your home, or you find yourself avoiding certain rooms out of embarrassment, then the team says it's time to clean house!

Decluttering is more than just throwing away junk mail and bills you've already paid. It can be about adding shelving to organize important items, or even removing excess furniture from a room that isn't used often. The process should give you a sigh of relief and make the room appear larger, while also making it a lot more functional.

In fact, decluttering is one of the key elements to staging your home to impress potential buyers. However, there's more to it than increasing living space and making your home more appealing to buyers — decluttering has actually been proven to benefit your health.

Several sources cite clutter as a source of unnecessary stress. While you don't have to completely throw out everything to achieve a clean home, organizing it will become less of a visual distraction and will also help you mentally. Too much "stuff" can make you feel overwhelmed and unable to tackle it all. Decluttering also makes it a lot easier for you to find important things.

So whether you're getting ready to sell your real estate and begin your search for the perfect property, or you just want to refresh your home and reduce your stress, decluttering is the way to go!

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