Quick and easy ways to bring order to the bath

Monday Nov 06th, 2017


The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house, which means it can also become home to a lot of clutter. But, that doesn't mean getting organized has to be difficult or even complicated.

Bring order to the bath with these easy tips:

Stash Your Stuff Where You Can See ItYou don't need a large bathroom to find the perfect spot for all your stuff. If you have blank space on the walls, consider adding a few open shelves. Above a toilet is the perfect spot for a head-height shelf to stash extra towels or toilet paper rolls.

Extend the “everything in its place” mentality to other bathroom staples – towels. Make sure towels are in their place by ensuring there is ample space to hang them, so they end up neatly stored instead of on the floor. Everything now has a chance to dry properly and keep the space looking neat. The Boardwalk accessory collection from Moen features a cool, vintage design to keep you stylishly organized. Towel rings, double rob hooks and double towel bars all boast Moen's exclusive Spot Resist finish, keeping them finger-print free.

Storage Space that Works Better – and SmarterClutter is like a magnet − once it starts, it's hard to control. If you're lucky enough to have a vanity, it can often become a catch all for random products, makeup and styling tools. Keep your countertops looking pristine by stripping away nonessentials, use shallow baskets, cosmetics organizer trays or bathroom totes to clear the countertop and organize items beneath the sink. You can also take to the back of doors, outfit short cabinets with slim caddies or try a pegboard and narrow hooks for taller spaces to keep grooming and makeup tools and supplies close at hand for easy-see decluttering.

If you have drawers, make your primping process a breeze by limiting the top drawer to products you use often. Drawer dividers are essential for keeping neat, otherwise you'll quickly have a junk drawer on your hands. Wooden boxes and trays help categorize items and are available in various sizes and materials, so they can be mixed and matched to fit any drawer.

The key to staying organized is making the best use of the space you have. With a little imagination and the right additions, get your bathroom organized once and for all.

More information is available online at moen.ca.


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