Tips To Get Your Yard Ready For Spring

Monday Nov 06th, 2017


Spring cleanup doesn’t have to be a chore — becoming familiar with just a few easy tasks can help make that enviable lawn seem effortless.

“Even just keeping on top of a few regular jobs is enough to make a difference,” explains John Ladds, operations manager at Weed Man Canada. Ladds recommends incorporating the following tasks into your home’s spring check-up:

1. Tools and equipment review. Before beginning anything, give all your equipment a once-over. Taking a few minutes at the start of the season to check hoses for leaks and mower blades for sharpness ensures that the rest of the year runs smoothly.

2. Cleaning and raking. Once all the winter wetness has finally dried, that first initial clean up and deep raking helps to open up airways and establish a healthier root system.

3. Professional fertilization. Scheduling a good slow-release fertilizer to be applied soon after grass has started growing for the season is strongly recommended.

4. Aeration. Professional mechanical core aeration works wonders to increase accessibility to nutrients, water, sunlight and oxygen and provides a noticeable difference when it comes to your lawn’s growth.

5. Try something new. A novel project around the house can invigorate not only your yard, but also your spirits. Whether it’s setting up a rain barrel or beginning a yard waste compost system, these kinds of DIY projects are sure to improve efficiency.

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